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Digital signage

Play interactive content in your locations


You have office or shop and need a quality digital signage solution?
Easy to use and with support of almost every device and content format?
DisplaBeam is here for you!


DisplayBeam can play content on every kind of devices: TVs, tablets, public displays, etc.


You can check the statistics in real time.


DisplayBeam support any kind of content: image, video, html, widget, etc.

Play schedule

You can control the timeframe of your content and target it based on date and time.

What is...


DisplayBeam is innovative platform for successful commercials and digital signage.

With DisplayBeam you easily control your information or ad displays. The platform support almost every device and content format.

The platform is cloud-based and can be operater from every computer, tablet or phone.

Content and device management is really easy and everyone can do it with ease.

  • Secured
  • Full customized
  • Free updates
  • Easy to use
  • Multi deviced


What kind of devices can be connected to DisplayBeam?

Every device that has internet connection can be connected to DisplayBeam. This means that you can turn even your tablet in public display.

Can DisplayBeam provide the devices?

Of course! We can provide the devices based on your needs.

How can I request DisplayBeam?

You can get you subscription here. Just fill the form and we will contact you.

Can I control multiple objects?

Yes, you can! You can connect as many devices as you want. You can also schedule your content for a long time in the future.

Digital signage is many time more efficient than the old-fashioned printed materials.


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  • Phone: + 359 898 22 30 26

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